Okay, so last week the guy had a golf ball shaped like a football helmet with your favorite NFL Team Logo on it.  So what?  It was okay.  You didn’t give it a second thought!  Naw, you were not jealous because you wanted one exactly like it for your Man Cave!  But what could you come up with that was better than that old helmet?

You paced the floor.  You looked through all your golfing magazines.  Nothing.  There was nothing to top it.  You then went on the computer and decided to play around with Golfing Websites.  Low and behold you found this website….. “Improve Your Golf Game”  Skills that Work!  Oh yeah, this is the website that Golfer’s die to come to and you knew something was going to show up BIG TIME.  You were getting ready to click the website off when “BAM” it caught your eye.  The very thing you needed to show up “Mr. BIG TIME Golden Golf Club Player.”   You have it……………you can’t wait to show it off next Saturday Morning at TEE Time.   Well what did you find?   AND I LOVE IT!  I want MORE!   A Stick that looks like a Golf Club.  Oh Yeah…. I would have thought of that! A fake golf club!  The guys will love it!   okay…………..it’s not made of gold but it is very CLEVER!

61XTfhySP2L._SL1500_.jpg Golf drink dispenser

Demonstration in Bag51bl6unm83LThe Kooler Klub golf bag drink dispenser fits into most golf bags and looks like a regular golf club

  • The unit holds up to 48 ounces of your favorite beverage
  • Eliminate the need to carry cans or bottles or a separate cooler
  • Long handled bottle brush included
  • Perfect gift for any golfer

  Hurry They Are Going FAST!

The Kooler Klub golf bag drink dispenser – Be the 1st to have one on the golf course!  better bring two for golf buddy.

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Wilson Golf Clubs


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Wilson has been a company that has offered affordable sports products for many years.

When it comes to golf, the Wilson brand has been looked at as something for the very beginning golfers or younger golfers just starting the game. With the emergence of a few very popular PGA Tour pro golfers using Wilson equipment, things have changed a bit.

Wilson golf clubs now offer high quality, tour caliber equipment, but have maintained their affordable prices to meet the needs of the average golfer. They have a new line of woods, irons, hybrids, putters and golf balls that can keep up with the more premium brands that have been on the market for many years.MP900316713

Because of their rich history, Wilson golf clubs do offer a quality product that is targeted at the average golfer. Today there is so much competition for golf equipment, and Wilson has definitely found their niche.

Their new driver offers all of the same features of the more expensive brands at an affordable price. With many tour professionals using their equipment, they have also gained more respect among the golf community.

The new irons offered by Wilson golf clubs come in five different varieties. They truly have made a set of irons to meet the needs of any golfer. The forged irons are made for the highly skilled player that wants something similar to what the tour pros would be using.

They also have some performance, distance, and control irons that are intended to improve the game of the average golfer. While the irons themselves won’t make a person a better golfer, they can help control shots, get better ball flight and have more chances at making pars and birdies.

If you have been playing golf for a few years and are ready to step up to a new set of clubs, but you don’t want to pay the high prices of some of the premium brands, then looking at Wilson golf clubs is a good choice. In addition to the new driver, fairway woods and irons, Wilson has also come out with a new line of putters.

These putters have stepped up to include the latest technology, face inserts and alignment aides. The same tour pros that are using the Wilson woods and irons are putting these putters into their bags. Finding a putter that you have a good feel with is a key component to having a good round. Getting the complete package from Wilson can put quality clubs in your bag at a price that won’t break the bank.

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Golf Towels – What They Say About You


Everyone loves their game of golf. Those who enjoy a good round of golf for the passion of the game love the feel of the greens, the undulating slopes and moist grass that crinkles as you walk crisply over it. There are also those who play golf to be seen and accepted. Golf as a sport comes with a certain elevated status, and there are a number of people who look for acceptance and a renewed sense of self worth.

For those who play golf, just as important as the game is the golf kit which includes all the clubs and peripherals, the clothes and the golf towel. Golf towels are used frequently during the game since it does involve a lot of walking and strain.

If you are among those who like to look just perfect for the game, it is important that you give your golf towels a good check. Often, people who may seem impressed with your game are very let down when you reach for your golf towel.

The most important thing to ensure is that they are the best quality available. Look for the softest terry. Make sure that it feels gentle to the touch, and that it responds to your caress immediately. You should also look to make sure that the terry comes back to its original state when you run your hand over it.

Golf towels are best in pristine white. They look elegant, clean and crisp, and have a beauty of their own. However, since it is about golf, you could also look for a combination of other colours as well. Bold blue and white stripes, white green and blue are other combinations that look interesting on golf towels. However, do not go for golf towels which look very loud, or those which have too many colours. Avoid bright colours like red and yellow.

Although your golf towels may seem rather insignificant to you, they are important in not just the purpose they serve, but also what they say about you. It is most important to have a good set with you. More importantly, it is also vital that they are cared for well. Always have them washed after every use, no matter how extensively or sparingly they have been used. Make sure that the golf towels come back looking new when washed, or use them elsewhere and pull out a fresh set for yourself.

Your image is not confined to the clothes you wear or the game you play. It is extended to everything around you, and the way you carry yourself. Though only subtle, your golf towels can help show that you have all the class.

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Golf Club Selection


GolfOk. Here are the basics. A golf guild has three parts – the head, the pole and the grip. A standard series of golf clubs consists of three woods (the Driver, #3, and #5 fairway woods), eight irons (#3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, and PW), and a putter – that’s twelve clubs in all. According to the rules of golf, and we must all joke about by the rules, you can move fourteen clubs in your bag, so many golfers add a specialty wood or an added iron.
Now, let’s grasp a look on the poles apart types of clubs.

Drivers & Fairway woods
These clubs are used to affect longer shots. That’s a basic yet apt way to look on it. If a golf break is a par four or five from tee to emerald, largely golfers would want to management a wood.
The driver, or the 1 covert, has the lowest knock of one golf guild. Loft is the twist of the guild confront to facilitate controls course and affects distance. A driver has a knock amid 7 and 12 degrees. Better golfers grasp traditionally favored drivers with minus than 10 degrees of knock, which require a destiny more skill to affect.
Most golfers moreover move a #3 and #5 fairway wood as part of their arsenal. A #3 wood has a knock of 15 degrees, and a #5 wood has a knock of 18 degrees. The advanced the golf guild total, the advanced the knock. The #3 and #5 wood are commonly referred to as fairway woods, since they are largely often used at some point in the next shot of joke about, at what time you are understood to be on the fairway.

Hybrids are a new innovation to golf. A hybrid is a combination of a wood and an iron is an easier to affect alternative to a long iron. Hybrids are versatile sufficient to be used in one circumstances. Hybrids get here in a range of four lofts – 16 (#2), 19 (#3), 22 (#4) and 25 (#5) Degrees. Hybrids use instead their equivalent total long iron, e.G. A #3 hybrid will use instead a #3 iron and a #2 hybrid can be used to use instead a #5 fairway wood.

Irons are by and large used on behalf of shorter distances and more control than drivers and fairway woods. The closer you are to the naive, the privileged the iron you will manage. A standard customary of irons consists of #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8 and #9 and the PITCHING WEDGE (PW). A sandwedge is by and large a nice option to leverage on behalf of shots prohibited of sand traps. The #3 and #4 irons are harder to thump than the privileged numbered irons. Many golfers take to take the place of the #3 and #4 iron with privileged lofted woods or hybrids which are easier to thump than traditional long irons, follow-on in comparable distances.

Wedges are really a minute ago specialty irons. The paramount wedge is the Pitching Wedge (PW), which is as a rule amid 52 and 56 degrees in hit. The PW is the highest lofted iron in a standard customary and lowest hit of the wedges. Range Lob wedges from 58 to 64 degrees and are used on behalf of close range succinct and high ranking shots to overcome obstacles close to the naive. Wedges are exceedingly functional on behalf of your succinct game and it is beneficial to keep a selection of them in your bag.
Polish Wedges are a new type of wedge and are designed to develop you prohibited of the dreaded sand traps. They suffer a shorter duct and a more angled be realistic to develop under the sphere in order to exit a foxhole.

In the function of the maxim goes “Drive on behalf of TV show, Putt on behalf of dough”. The putter as a rule gets you in the fleapit, so it can be assumed, with the purpose of choosing the well putter is grave to your game. Putters roll up in various styles and types.: Succinct, abdomen, long, bent, center-hosel, heel-toe, hammer, and so on. When choosing a putter the focal things to consider are the: Weighting, balance and feel.If you’ve been looking for Golf Discount Store, and considering cheapest golf sales , then visit: http://www.golfstoreshop.com or check this website for Amazon Discount Golfing Products at http://www.homenetteworks.com for great golfing discounts.

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Golf Advice For Beginners



Golf is one of the well loved sports on the planet. It is very intriguing and those who play certainly love it because it is an remarkable mix of relaxing, exciting, and competitive. It is so habit forming that some people will even go so far as to say that if you will not be prepared to get hooked on the sport, don’t try it out. If you are beginner and are prepared to tackle golf, here a few tips you can use.

(07/20/2011 Charlotte, NC) – Nicholas Braun has been playing golf for recreation for approximately 20 years. “I began in my early teenage years when my father and his brothers would take me to the nearest golf course. I fell in love with the sport right away and I have not regretted it, I have been playing ever since and will probably not stop any time soon. For new golfers, do not be afraid to make mistakes – who would care, and just dive into the game – as soon as possible. I have no doubt whatsoever that your golf handicap is just gonna pick up as you go.” Braun was also there when the webpage – http://www.marksopinion.com/sports/the-simple-golf-swing-product-review was launched.

If you are new to golf, you may get a lot of Putting Tips on the internet, there also are several good products that can help you improve your golf swing. Read this The Simple Golf Swing Product Review to get to know a product that may work for you.

One of the very first things you need to do when you play golf is to get a collection of golf clubs. For your first time out you can rent some clubs from the local club house. Play a few rounds with your rented clubs, this is gonna help you get a feel for what you need from a club. When you finally go to get your own club, use a number of what you’ve discovered while playing with the rented clubs to see what you will need.

You should spend as much time as you can actually playing the game. Do not be dismayed every time your ball gets into a hazard or a sand trap, take all of these as points of improvement and it is gonna help you find out about new things.

New golfers should certainly not avoid the driving range. Of course you’ll should spend time at the course, but aside from that, you’d also should spend some time practicing your swing at the range. This can help get better your swing and since most golf ranges feature an expert, you may also get expert coaching there as well. You might also go for putting practice so you can have an idea of ways to handle breaks and gauge how much force you really need to hit your ball with.

Golf is a lot of fun and playing it is one of the best things you could do. You’re able to get some putting tips from the people that you play with, from some pros, and even from some of your friends. This The Simple Golf Swing Product Review will give you a study of a product which could also give you some great playing tips.

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THe Golf Book

Best Places to Golf


Best Places to Golf

Where is the best place to Golf? Most everyone will tell you their own hometown first but there are so many beautiful and outlandish courses throughout the world. Some of those landscaped beauties are right here in the United States. We are including a few books for reference as to where you should take a look at making plans to visit on your next Golf Trip.

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2014-2015 Golf Special

Take a look at GOLFING SPECIALS at Amazon.com. High Class for the Low Score! Best price around! Take a look and get yours now! JC highly recommends Amazon for your golfing apparel and equipment. “You cannot go wrong with your game by purchasing your golfing equipment and apparel via Amazon.com. You will not find a better price and quality of the product!” by JC

How to Choose Your First Golf Club Set – Beginner Tips to Choosing Your First Set

Choosing your first set of golf clubs can be an intimidating task as there are literally hundreds of different styles and models to choose from. If you plan on playing for a long, then having a proper set is essential to improving your game play and making the game much more enjoyable.

For the novice getting started, they will need a set of golf clubs that includes putters, drivers, irons and wedges which all serve different purposes. While 14 clubs are allowed on the course, the beginner should start with half that number so as to better get acquainted with each.

Putters will typically account for a majority of game play as these clubs are essential for close range shots. While most professionals will have many different putters depending on a number of factors, keep in mind that they can afford to do so and that you can still get by with just one putter.

With that in mind, be sure to choose the putter that feels most comfortable for you and don’t be afraid to test out as many as you can. Go down to the local golfing store to find one that fits you best that also fits within your budget.

A good driver is also essential as they are used for teeing when long distant shots are needed to get the ball as close to the hole as possible. These clubs are typically the most expensive but finding a quality one is important as they can affect stability and distance.

Irons are numbered 1 through 9 and each has different face angles which is best suited depending on the situation. A good recommendation for beginners to start with is to get the 5 and 6 iron as they are extremely comfortable while also allowing for increased control and distance.

Finally, wedges are essential for getting the ball out of tight spots such as in the sand or when it is just out of range for a putter. These different types of clubs are essential when purchasing your first set as each serves a unique purpose. Always go through a reputable dealer and test out as many as you can to find one that is most comfortable for you.

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Best Beginner Golf Clubs

Are you ready to choose the best beginner golf clubs? Would you like to know more about finding the best golf clubs for kids?

Let’s start at the beginning … both the age and the size of the beginner need to be considered. If your children want to learn to golf, then your search should focus on finding discount clubs for kids.

These golf clubs for kids will probably not be used by your children for more than one season. However, it is important for a beginning golfer to be able to control each club and to achieve some early success before choosing a more permanent set of clubs.

Junior clubs work especially well for children and teenagers when they begin playing golf. The best beginner golf clubs are generally shorter and lighter than a regular set of clubs because they are more appropriate to the height, size, and strength of children and teenagers.

Since golf clubs for kids are usually smaller and lighter, kids need to understand that they will not be able to hit the ball as far as they might with a standard set of clubs. However, it is more important at this time that they learn the proper stance and swing. There will be plenty of opportunities to improve both distance and accuracy after they master the basics.

The game of golf requires lots of patience. Kids need to understand that if they learn a good clean swing with a club that is right for them now, they will be able to drive the ball farther and with more accuracy as they grow and move on to use heavier clubs. They should start with the best beginner golf clubs and their focus should be on developing proper form and continually improving their accuracy. The best advice you can give them is to master the basics and not be concerned with hitting exceptionally long drives while they are learning.

You should also realize that children get discouraged easily. So, in order for them to enjoy practicing, they need to use comfortable clubs that are an appropriate size and weight. If you will encourage them and help them to become comfortable with their clubs, they will experience the enjoyment that comes from having some success hitting the ball. Both the selection of golf clubs for kids and your assistance with helping them to master the basics will set the stage for their enjoyment of the game.

There is no reason to spend a lot of money on golf clubs for kids. The best beginner golf clubs – whether new or used – should simply be the correct height and weight to allow your new golfer to experience some early success while hitting the ball.

One last suggestion … golf swing videos created by professional instructors might help your young golfer learn the proper stance and swing more quickly.

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Good Golf Club

For players to do well in golf, they must possess the right set of golf club. Whether you are a beginner or a certified golf player, it is important that you have appropriate golf clubs to ensure precision and finesse in the sport. Employing tips in choosing a golf club is essential so players can be guided on how to make a good choice.

The task of choosing golf clubs involves certain considerations. Basically, golfers must reflect on their body, height and stature; level of skill, swing speed and their individual personal preferences. Do this under an objective point of view. Determine if you have a particular handicap. Your height must be suitable with the appropriate golf club shaft length which can be found in reviewing graphs.

Once you have a clear view as to how you play your game then start with visiting golf shops. Make sure that they have a wide variety of club to choose from and that the retailers are generous with tips and are knowledgeable enough on how to choose the right golf club for you. There are about more than ten sets for every golf clubs so it is vital that you take a good look at each set. See which ones you find most pleasing to your taste. The golf club you will buy must be something you are proud of because if you are not, then this may take its toll on how you play the game. Buy from a store that offers the best deals and prices.

If you can, ask help from a respectable and reliable golf professional. They may be found on golf retail stores or they can be your friends or fellow golf players. These people must be able to assist you when it comes to choosing the right golf irons. As a buyer, it is imperative that you inform the professional your skill level, height and speed capacity honestly so they can choose the right golf clubs for you.

Once all the necessary details have been given and you have chosen a particular golf club set, then they must give you a chance for a club fitting session. You can play in an indoor golf facility and see whether the club that you have chosen fits you perfectly and is in jive with your skill and finesse. While doing this, the golf expert must be there continuously giving tips to ultimately determine which set is most suitable for you.

If you have bought your most wanted golf club set then hit the golf course as soon as possible. Be familiar with your chosen golf club set. Do not be surprised with a few adjustments. If in the event after a long while, you are still experiencing major problems with the clubs then do not hesitate to take them back to the retail store.

Choosing and buying the right golf club for you is not such a hard task at all. With the right tips and guides, you will be sure to get the best club so you can do well in golf.

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Scotland Golf Highlights

If you happened to catch The 3 Irish Open last week, that’s exactly what the courses we played looked like. It was great seeing the pros trying to make some of the same shots we had and, under the same conditions.

We started with Royal Dornoch. The highlight was playing in the wind and rain. Yes, you heard me right. If you go to Scotland and don’t play in the wind and rain ONCE, then you’ll feel gypped.

You won’t be able to say you really experienced the game as it’s often played there. And you don’t really appreciate how difficult the courses can be unless you have wind.

As much as pot bunkers are part of most holes, the hole I remember the most from Dornoch was number 14 with no bunkers but one of the most interesting layouts in golf. The long narrow green is set to the right of the fairway and behind a row of 5 berms that stretch for 50 yards. This green is incredibly hard to hit and hold.

Morey Old will always be remembered for the RAF jets that take off and land over the 4 holes that are adjacent to the runway. On number 7 the jets clear the fairway by no more than 100 feet. The sound of the engines is so loud you have to stop play and cover your ears, but it’s so spectacular you don’t mind.

The most memorable hole for me was 18. It’s only 408 from the whites, but has a number of challenging features. Directly to the right of the tee box about 30 yards out is a wall of granite about 25 feet high that definitely plays with your mind.The rest of the hole is all uphill to a green that is ringed by the clubhouse and parts of the town which help to make it look like a fortress impossible to gain. I’m really at a loss for words to convey how it feels. Let’s just say you won’t ever forget it.

I loved the front nine at Nairn. I don’t think there’s a better front side anywhere. Unfortunately the greens weren’t up to their high standards having had a water system failure and a couple of hard frosts during the winter. I’m sure they’ll be great again by mid June. The front nine run right along the beach and fit the lay of the land as well as any holes I’ve ever played. It’s the kind of course you could belong to and enjoy playing every day. With changing conditions and tee boxes I’ll bet it rarely ever feels the same.

If I could go back to Scotland and play just one course, it would be hard not to choose Cruden Bay. It combines everything; challenge, beauty, views, and layout. If you get to this part of Scotland and don’t play it, you’ll never forgive yourself. I have to mention the starter, who could have stepped out of Bagger Vance.

They also have a terrific practice facility that’s very handy to the clubhouse and first hole. Cruden Bay has too many memorable holes to pick only one as a favorite. I do have to mention 14. It’s a 389 par 4, uphill, running along the beach on a high dune. It gets narrower and hillier the closer you get to the green – and what a green. It’s sunken and one of the most unusual you’ll ever find. This is an incredibly unique hole.

If you’re a typical working guy who enjoys your weekday after-work golf league where you dress in the parking lot and tee off without a warm-up, then you’d enjoy the atmosphere and camaraderie of Fraserburgh and Peterhead. They don’t have the maintenance staff of the other clubs, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy. They have all the pot bunkers, wind, undulating greens and gorse that any of the better known courses have. If the wind blows, as it did when we played both these courses, you’ll find bogey is an agreeable score on many holes. Peterhead has a stretch of holes from 7 through 10 that are as good as any on a links course.

Royal Aberdeen is the complete golf experience from it’s pictured tradition, to the club house (and great soup), to the friendliness of the staff and members, to the beauty and challenge of the course. If Royal Dornoch is Ben Hogan and Cruden Bay is Jack Nicklaus, then Royal Aberdeen is Payne Stewart. It’s very even from 1 through 18, meaning there are no weak stretches or throwaway holes. The views are breathtaking. The course has elevation changes, gorse, heather, pot bunkers, sloping greens and nary a flat spot anywhere. If this was the only course you could play for the rest of your life, you’d do just fine.

I still can’t put my finger on what I didn’t like about Montrose. I guess it’s just that there was nothing that I really loved. The course is a bit flat and the holes start to look the same. It doesn’t have the undulations of Dornoch, Aberdeen or Cruden Bay. Even though it runs along the ocean, there are no real ocean views. I’m sure there’s more to the course than I saw and maybe I’d feel different if I played it again. It’s a good course to play at the start of your trip.

I’ve played Monifieth before and it’s a good solid course, having served as a British Open Qualifier on more than one occassion. It’s generally flat with lots of trouble and even some trees to add to the challenge. There’s less of a dunes/seaside feel to this course than any of the others. Nothing outstanding here, but a good course to consider while playing other courses in the area.

Lastly, there’s Panmure. I really loved this course. If courses have male/female characteristics then this one is definitely a lady, starting with a beautiful white clubhouse. She’s never in your face or gawdy, but lose focus and you’ll pay dearly. The famous Hogan hole, number 6, is one of the great par 4’s in Scotland. The hole is relatively flat, but you never really see a landing spot for your drive or approach. I’d guess you’d call it a dogleg, but in reality it just slants left. The green is as protected as any you’ll find anywhere, being elevated, hidden behind mounds and guarded on the right front by the famous Hogan trap. This is a must-play course.

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